I was born in Rome, and spent more than 20 years working  as a TV presenter, covering film festivals around the world for one  of the most important Italian TV channels.

Painting was always present in my life, it was my secret garden -  the place where I would go to relax, dream, disappear-  and when I moved to London in 2004 I slowly made the decision to leave the TV world behind me and focus on my passion for art.


I'm a self taught artist, I've learnt by painting and making mistakes every day,  reading the most amazing art books, and going to museums and art galleries to see my favourite artists, Pollock, Richter and Khalo on top of them all.

I love colours. I try every time to experiment something different mixing them together. I love acrylic, oil, spray paint, gesso, varnishes... And I love using anything I can find to spread them on the canvas, from squeegees to sponges, from pieces of wood to my hands. Every painting is a new journey for me . At the beginning I have no idea where I will end up . Then, when I drop the first colour on the canvas, I start dreaming. And then I add more, and more, till the journey is complete.